We represent the new catalog Hose Division Europe

29 may 2019

A new catalog of Hose Products Division Europe for 2019 has been released (hydraulic hoses, fittings and equipment) - CAT / 4400 / UK and / DE. It presents a wide range of hoses, fittings and equipment for assembling hydraulic hoses that help customers quickly and economically perform the necessary operations. The use of innovative technologies and materials allows us to continuously improve products, which requires making appropriate changes to the catalog.

Here are some changes and additions included in the new edition of the catalog:

  •  new types of hoses;
  •  additional end configurations for individual series of fittings;
  •  new equipment.

For more information ,please follow the link below.

Hydraulic_Hoses_Fittings_and Equipment_CAT_4400__UK.pdf